Micro School

This school aims at delivering a comprehensive learning program to children who have undergone early intervention and are ready to receive mainstream education. The school provides an extension of learning space to children who are not assimilated into the mainstream by schools due to lack of awareness or resources to handle the diverse schooling needs.

Program Overview

The teaching methodology combines aspects of traditional and alternative schooling to create an emergent curriculum that goes beyond textbooks and a rigid framework of academics.

As the name suggests, this school handles a small, mixed-aged group of children. (Maximum strength of 150-200)

The highlights of our educational approach are:

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The unique 3C concept:

  • Contextualize the content

    We place great emphasis on curating application-based content and make it relevant to the child’s environment, be it at home or school. We strive to bridge the gap between school and home; each of the spaces being an extension of the other.

  • Catch the learning style of the child.

    The learning style of the child indicates the dominant sense used by the child to absorb information. Therefore, understanding the learning style of children is a critical component in creating content and defining the use of the right technology/strategy in the classroom.

  • Collaborate with parents and other stakeholders

    Children learn not just in schools but everywhere and wherever they are. Hence, we aim at building a platform where parents, children and educators are equal participants in developing a comprehensive individualized program for the child.

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Program Includes