Extended Learning and therapies

We provide an extended learning space for children between ages 7 and 10 who may have received intensive therapies but are not ready for mainstream schooling as yet. Our goal is to prepare such children to lead an independent life by equipping them with functional academic skills and pre-vocational training.

Program Overview

Some children who have crossed the age of early intervention might still have difficulties and therapeutic needs. Their needs can vary from each other. However, they can be trained to build pre-vocational skills to lead an independent life along with elementary education. This program provides children who need more time to align with the typical environment and a continuous learning atmosphere, along with need-based therapy, where the emphasis is more on gaining functional life skills, pre-vocational skills and fundamental academic know-how.

Program Includes

*We support children between ages 7- 10 years under this program with 1:4 student to staff ratio.